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Creep Feeders

 8'-150 Bushel Creep Feeder Video

Studies show that creep feeding is one of the most economic ways to add 80 to 100 pounds to the weaning weights of calves. Calves that experience creep feeding usually suffer less setback at weaning and adapt to feedlot rations quicker than calves which aren’t fed a grain based creep feed. The creep panels are removable to further utilize as a self-feeder.


  • Available in 8', 12', 16' lengths ranging from 35 to 300 Bushels
  • All 8' feeders are portable up to 3 tons
  • Available primed, painted, or hot dipped galvanized
  • "T" Frame with heavy-duty steel axle and tongue
  • Full frame construction for durability
  • Wrap around corners for greater strength
  • 12 gauge pan and floor for long life
  • Heavy duty 2" spindles
  • New 9.5L x 15" tires and tubes
  • Valve stem guards standard
  • New 6 Bolt hubs, rims, and spindles—no used car parts
  • 7,500 lb capacity axles


Specialty Feeders



Advanced design facilitates high bulk feed ration flow featuring our dual agitators to keep feed moving through the feeder system.


  • Specialty Feeders are designed to accommodate extremely bulky rations
  • Available in various sizes
  • Available primed, painted, or hot dipped galvanized
  • Dual agitators
  • Tall, steep center cone to keep course feed flowing
  • Wider feed bunk for more head room


Creep Feeder Accessories

Rain Shields



Apache Equipment has designed and developed a "Rain shield" for additional protection. These Apache Rain Shields fit all sizes of our Creep Feeders.


  • Rain shields are available for all sizes of Apache Creep Feeders
  • With the exclusive Apache design and proper user management, rain shields are seldom needed

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