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Rolling Stalk Chopper


The Rolling Stalk Chopper offers a simple, economical method for chopping standing stalks. The chopping activity promotes warming and drying of soil. In many instances the field can be planted immediately following the chopping action.


  • A ground-driven tool designed for spring or fall preparation of crop residue
  • Eliminates the worries and hassles of U-joints, gearboxes, drive assemblies, hydraulic hookups and PTO junctions
  • Simply hitch to your three-point, choose your ground speed and go!
  • Performs best at speeds in excess of 8 mph, often doubling the ground speeds of other tillage tools
  • Two-row to sixteen-row models available
  • Adjustable reel mounting brackets allow angles to be changed to match the desired chopping action
  • Hardened-steel chopping blades
  • 7” x 7” tube, heavy-duty toolbar
  • Larger machines available on folding toolbar
  • Reels feature greaseable 1 1/2” flange bearings with triple-lip seal
  • Optional bearing guards offer added protection from wrapping when operating in rye or other stubble


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Seed Corn Chopper



This two-row male row eliminator removes the male row, allowing you to grow larger crops of seed-producing female plants.


  • Chops and destroys the male rows, allowing more growth by stimulating sunlight to the female plants
  • Soil nutrients and water formerly utilized by the male plants are now available for absorption by the seed-producing female plants
  • Optional six-blade 12” reel on flexible linkage thoroughly cleans up the row middle


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Optional Equipment

Spike-Tooth Harrows



  • For moderate residue levels
  • Available in three-bar or five-bar models


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