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Calf Roper Table



The Calf “Roper” Table makes branding, dehorning, castrating and vaccinating a safe and easy operation for both the calf and the handler. Cattlemen can save countless dollars in time and effort with the speedy operation of this calf table. The calf enters through the rear gate.  Head and shoulders are secured quickly with minimum stress to calf.  With the calf tilted on its side, ROPELOCK secures the hind legs.  When the side door is open, the operator has complete access to the calf.


  • Rated for calves up to 450 pounds
  • Dimensions:  87" long, 40" wide, 60" high (50" high without handles)
  • Side door controls and locks rear door
  • One pull tilt - pull on squeeze bar secures calf and helps tilt the table to working position
  • Double hinge mechanism allows easy tilt of the table
  • When the table is in the tilt position, the calf is at an easier working height
  • No bars to work around
    One-handed rope release frees head gate and squeeze bar as the calf is let up
  • Can be operated by one person
  • Easily loaded with built-in hand holds and fits in the back of a half-ton pickup
  • Left or right handed units available
  • Only written warranty in the industry


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Calf Kradel



  • It’s the most caring!
  • Transport calves without difficulty
  • Mother cow can easily follow her calf
  • Provides the quickest method of attaching to bumpers
  • Mounting hardware and bumper pin is included


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Calf Kradel & ATV Arm



  • Mounted on an ATV allowing retrieval of calves from remote areas
  • Transport calves without difficulty
  • Standard non-stick surface protects calves



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Calf Kradel & Nursing Arm



  • Holds calves for vaccinations and medications
  • Helps in teaching calves to nurse


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